Products & Services

Products & Services

The Company has firmly established itself into Bitumen Trading and the storage of Bitumen and the marketing of the product. Khimji Aspam Energy Industries is gaining share in the market due to its state of the art equipment and facilities, low cost labor and energy, no or lower corporate taxes or duties, and raw material price advantages.The company has a scalable business model and a strategy to utilize the company’s technological advantage, highly efficient business processes, and talents of an entrepreneurial management team to achieve its growth objectives.The current strategy of Khimji Aspam Energy Industries includes growth through gaining share in markets such as the (GCC, Mid-East, East-Africa, Far East, CIS and European) as well as Asia.

The Company is recognized among the most dependable Bitumen Storage Tanks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Middle East, Far East regions and across the globe. Clients from every diverse regions in the world place immense and repeated orders for the Asphalt Storage Tanks due to the unmatched quality and unbeatable performance in respective applications. Customers are also facilitated with the availability of the Bitumen Storage System within predetermined time frame.

Bitumen Oxidation
Oxidized Bitumen has a wide variety of industrial applications Roof Felts i.e., Water Proofing for Roof & Floors, Anti Rust Pipe Coating, Anti Slip Layer Compound for Piling, Sound Dampening Felts, Under Carriage Sealant and Coats in the Automotives, Electrical Cable Joint Protection (Fillers), Joint Filling Compounds, Sealants, Bituminous Marine Mastic for the Oil & Gas Industry and many more in our day to day life.

Technical Advantages of Oxidized Bitumen

Manufacturing Method
Oxidized Bitumen is produced by either Continuous or Staggered Blowing Process. Heated Penetration Grade Bitumen up to 300 deg C under controlled environment is blown with air in the Chimney / Tower. This process removes the Oil Content in the Bitumen and it is oxidized. Fuel oil is added to the process to make the penetration higher, if it is required to do so.

The oxidized bitumen, still at higher temperature, to be handled carefully and packed into Bags or drums as required. The associated safety and work place hazards need to be handled efficiently. The different grades for suited applications produced are designated by two numbers to indicate the mid-points of their softening point and penetration ranges.

Manufacturing Process
Chemicals are added in order to decrease the time for the reaction time for blowing which shall have better control over the blowing conditions to produce different grades of Oxidized Bitumen with low capital investment.

Blowing is preferably done from the bottom of the Chimney/ Tower and the Temperature can be controlled by Water Jacketing.

Products & ServicesAdditives
While using distilled Used Oil or Crude Oil for the production of 90/10, 85/25 grades to the tune of 25 percent, care shall be taken the injection of oil shall be free from water to eliminate any explosive reactions during the process.

Dry and Harder Grades
Other grades are produced without adding Oil and the finished product will have near to Zero Penetration is predominantly used in Asia.

Process Control
Capacity of the Tower to be limited to not more than 75 percent as the volume increases with rise in temperature during the process. Injection will take place around 230 degrees.

Tower Temperature shall not exceed 290 degrees as the reaction will get critical leading to explosion.

Oxidation is done when the Admixture enters from the top of the tower and the bitumen at the bottom sprayed through the nozzle at an optimal temperature of 270 degree Celsius. Sampling from the tower has to be analyzed to determine the end point of blowing and the required properties of the final product.

Waste and Recovery
Gas and steam produced in the process shall be circulated through the condenser and separated. Minor amounts of furnace oil shall be recovered which can be reused to hear the furnaces.

Packing is done when the final product temperature brought down to 160 degrees in bags with Moulds or in steel drum before it cools down to room temperature and become solid.

Quality Control:
Technical expertise and quality assurance are the Comapny's strengths. In addition to tank design and fabrication expertise, the group prides itself on its bitumen technology credentials.

Quality Assurance:
The Group practices the following QA methodologies:

  1.   1. Facilitating the testing of bituminous products by customers or their representatives. Customers will have full access to use our in-house fully equipped laboratory, which is currently in development, either themselves or via their 3rd party nominee.
  2.   2. Consistency in testing parameters allows the clients of Khimji Aspam Energy to be confident in the quality of product procured. Samples are drawn from one or all of the following points: At the refinery, at the export terminal, from the ship and at the discharge port.

The Company also maintains an in-depth database of laboratory test results for bitumen from several refineries. These data date back to 1996 and allow the group to closely monitor the consistency of the performance of bitumen supplies in reference to their crude source and refining techniques followed by individual refineries.

Khimji Aspam Energy expertise and established credentials enables it to work with refineries to produce special grades of bitumen in addition to grades that meet more traditional specifications including penetration, viscosity, and performance grades.

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